Stay at home and keep your job with Cloud


In the past few months, the world has undergone a drastic transformation when it comes to a typical workplace. You used to have to do the 9-5, followed by a crowded commute and depression. Now you just sit at home and put in your 9-5 there, couch, 3 meals a day, and a different kind of depression. Let’s talk about how you have been putting that 9-5 at home.

Cloud Computing,is the on-demand availability of computing power and storage without the need for physical hardware. That’s the simple answer to why your 9-5 is now done from the confined of your bed. You get to keep your job and your good health, even while lounging on the bed. I recommend investing in a treadmill for continued good health. With no end to the pandemic insight, Cloud Computing is the definite solution.

 Remote monitoring is the process of supervising and controlling your IT systems by means of locally installed software that can be accessed by a management service provider. So here, your local systems can be maintained by an outside agency, that can log timesheets and tell you exactly how much work has been done and by whom. Companies can also develop their own versions of this but it will be far more costly when done without proper scaling.

Companies can use these 2 resources to set up automated monitoring for physical locations without the need for physical presence until something goes wrong. Software updates can allow further optimization and improve productivity even further.

Cloud Analytics is a set of tools to enable companies to extract useful information from massive data and present it in a structured format. This data is pulled from interconnected IoT devices that use cloud services to function. Most IoT devices operate on cloud services as it’s just a lot easier than building a separate system for it. Google Home and its integrated systems work from Google’s cloud service, Alexa works with amazon web services, etc. Remote monitoring services also run on the cloud. So, the available data is almost endless.

Any number of industries can leverage this data to improve their business while using the combined cloud computing facilities as well as remote monitoring facilities. A company that can offer all three services in a single package will truly hit the gold mine.


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