TAI to deploy AI for its future products


Turkish Aerospace Industries is the leading aerial platform developer in Turkey. Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has planned to equip its extensive range of products with the latest technology of artificial intelligence across all the platforms of TAI.

TAI is known as the hub of technology in designing, development, manufacturing, and integration of aerospace systems along with after-sale support in Turkey. The latest project of TAI is on autonomous systems, image processing systems, big data analytics infrastructure, and decision support systems. In the near future, artificial intelligence will be applied to all of the platforms of TAI and all stages of manufacturing.

It will be the first time in history that a defense industry company of such a large scale will establish a special managing unit for the study and application of artificial intelligence. In recent years, TAI has expanded human resources in the field and organizing training programs. It has also several tie-ups with educational institutes like Hacettepe University in the capital city, Ankara. Right now, Artificial intelligence is being implemented in four projects and many more projects are in the planning stage for the future.

According to Güven Orkun Tanık, General Manager (Artificial Intelligence and machine learning), TAI, recent trials conducted by the United States of America Government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) created a standstill position between a human pilot an Artificial Intelligence. Many more such instances will be seen in the upcoming times. This Artificial Intelligence will contribute to human efforts which will create more opportunities in the aviation industry and defense industry as well. It will cover every aspect of the production process to platforms. It will also decrease the cognitive pressure on pilots and lead the world towards automated missions.

Mr. Tank also mentions a recent project of TAI which includes multiple usages of technologies in various areas, from planning of tasks, pilot training in flight simulations to platform automation for tasks and engagements. It will pave the path for automated fighter jets in the near future. Hence, the development of such a system in the local environment becomes critical for the security of the nation in the future.


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