TCS joins hands with dotin Inc.


Leading player of Information technology service provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Ltd. is an Indian multinational company known for Trust, innovation, and efficiency in the IT industry is joining hands with dotin Inc. in a joint venture to create an innovative workplace experience solution. It would be called TCS Workforce Analytics. 

Trusted sources revealed that TCS Workforce Analytics will be a combined system of insight, foresight, and engagement for employees as well as managers. The new solution will apparently allow for a better workforce experience and increased productivity. 

Sources also claimed that Tata Consultancy has utilized dotin Inc.’s Artificial intelligence platform and its own technology to develop TCS Workforce analytics. Due to the integrated nature of the Workforce analytics platform, the employees and managers can connect to the right opportunities within the organization and see better growth for oneself and increase the retention rate for the organization. 

According to Ganesh Iyer, Founder, dotin Inc., new workforce analytics is in compliance with FERPA and GDPR guidelines and can easily be integrated with existing human capital systems as well as the resource management system of an enterprise. Mr. Iyer further said that TCS workforce Analytics will enhance ROI in different HR life cycle interventions and also enhance the employee’s experience through support to positive organizational behavior and increased transparency due to it.

Dinanath Kholkar, Vice President and Global Head of Analytics & Insights, TCS said with this new solution, it will not only accelerate but revolutionize the digital transformation of the organization’s workforce management.

Mr. Kholkar also claimed the combination of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.’s and dotin Inc.’s technologies and expertise has shown beneficial results for the early adopter enterprises and in fact, it has resulted in higher productivity and better retention rate when compared to the use of conventional HR methodologies.

According to the reports, TCS Workforce Analytics utilizes Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence techniques, Natural Language Processing to compute personality traits, culture compatibility, workplace values, strengths, learning style, and traits of each employee.

The organization can further classify employee’s individual traits on the basis of performance development, career management, leadership development, team formation, and safety & wellness with the help of TCS Workforce Analytics.


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