The Digital Era – Understanding the new normal


The world around us is getting changed rapidly. From the barter system to the money exchange and now to online or digital transactions everything comes under our fingertips. Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, blockchain (bitcoins), and social media are driving the companies to a wider prospect. Since the late 1990’s digital transformation are said to be existing, the computerized process started almost 30 years ago.

                Digital transformation is gaining wider acceptance, almost 80% of the major companies have started investing to bring up something that’s innovative and to move according to the transforming era or digital era. The pandemic or covid19 has stolen the spotlight by closing down all kinds of business in offline mode and switching on the online mode. Every business is getting online now and employees are given work from home. Digital Transformation provides a wide variety of valuable opportunities in business and helps to strengthen the business.

            Organizations are finding it difficult to carry out their operations in this scenario as new risks are coming up which affects the continuity of companies. Companies are trying to cover the rural areas too. To cope with this situation companies are using different kinds of technology to mitigate the risks and to deliver the product and services. The use of technology can be evident in the education system, the real interactive education system has turned into the virtual classrooms like now classes are conducted using Google meet, and many organizations meeting too are conducted using zoom or any other technology.

     The film industry is also moving along the film and is released through OTT platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Disney Hostar, etc… As technological advancements are happening like every coin it has both sides (positive-negative). As Al comes into a frame or replaces the employees, a problem arises here, unemployment happens.  Al increases the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Even though Al replaces the workforce, the innovative and logical side cannot be replaced by Al currently as the future is unpredictable. AI is been used in healthcare industries too many new hospitals are coming up with new technologies.

As long as the earth revolves the technology, keeps on upgrading and we can keep excepting new changes in and through.


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