The other side of GPT-3


GPT-3, One of the biggest language model created so far has been the talk of the tech- town ever since the launch. From the tweets of the founder of himself, Mr. Shareef Shameem, it was called a hype. The tweet has he obvious hints that even though the feedbacks and comments received for GPT-3 are quite overwhelming and impressive, it still had its fair share of brick backs and imperfections and even does make trivial mistakes too. He was also of the opinion that with AI all set to alter the world, GPT-3 is just a beginning peek and there is a lot of scope for improvement. He, by talking so less of his creation, has created a havoc on twitter and the people have already begun questioning the creation.

Another interpretation of this tweet was that he was being so modest about GPT-3 innovation and the hard work put in by his whole team, and was just being satirical about the tweet. He also described the ease of using GPT-3 and how even beginners in programming could use it.

While one set of developers is going so much vocal about the brand innovation of GPT-3 and them calling it very intriguing, others find it a predictable one and say that such an innovation was foreseen even back then. Even though the victory of GPT-3 cannot be overemphasized, it has been applied on various grounds are the results revealed that some possible flaws and imperfections come along with the creation. But the team openly admits that they are still open for suggestions and rectifications and are working and making the model unbiased. They also caution about the possible misuse of GPT-3 and its possible practical solutions. It is comforting to see that one of the founders of OpenAI, Sam Altman, is wary of the pitfalls of inflated hype. This is serious as OpenAI seems to democratize their valuable and valid ideas through inexpensive APIs and draw in more players.


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