The relevance of Cloud Business Intelligence


May 21/2020

Cloud Business Intelligence is the combination of cloud computing and Enterprise resource Planning; delivers simpler data predictive models, Visualizations and multi-source data discovery. It enables the organizations to grow in their level of competency and value irrespective of their sizes. Global Business Intelligence market is expected to grow 19.1% CAGR reaches USD28.77 billion by 2022. Let’s see why a company should adopt Business Intelligence for its rapid growth.

Mobility and Cloud Adoption

Cloud Business Intelligence enables the decision-makers to stay connected with their consumers. It enables collaboration and helps in decision making and establishes a good communication network. Decision-makers can get access to the cloud BI platform from anywhere in the world and don’t have to think about proximity, accessibility issues and system speed.

Another important factor for the rise in demand for the cloud BI platform is because of the rise in cloud adoption. Most of the companies are now storing data in the cloud from different sources. Cloud-based BI platform helps in creating and replicating different views based on roles and the location of the decision-makers.

Saves time

Business Intelligence implementation consumes time, requires customisation of software and hardware for the deployment. Along with that, it requires more time for personnel training. With the introduction of cloud BI tools, decision-makers can focus more on their business activities without implementing software and another environment. There will be a service provider responsible for maintaining the software and handling other resources.


Cloud BI solution involve powerfully built data analytics and other tools for sales and marketing activities. These tools can be used in campaigning sales and marketing teams of the company. It also enables employees with self-service analytics and reduces maintenance and security costs. This helps the It departments of the company o concentrate more on new ideas and innovative solutions to drive significant business growth.


Cloud-based Business Intelligence solutions improve reliability and provides secure locations for data storage, which can be accessed by many users around the world. It also helps in improving multiple redundant platforms like Domo, Tableau and Birst and helps in maintaining the aspects like scalability, redundancy and distribution of the platform.


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