The Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics launched


Syngenta AG is a global biotechnology company that produces agrochemicals and seeds based on genomic research. It is one of the world’s largest crop chemical producer companies. By using limited resources and maintaining sustainability it helps millions of farmers around the world to grow safe seeds and produce nutritious food.

INFORMS ( Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) is the largest international society associating operations research (O.R.) and provides a unique understanding and better opportunity to use various OR and Analytical tools to save money, time, and solve problems.

Syngenta Seeds and  INFORMS  declared Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics, that stick on analytical methods to improve complex crop breeding processes. By improving the speed product development system scientist can ensure enchantment in performance and can accelerate crop yield across globally.

 The Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics is a certified effort between Syngenta Seeds and the Analytics Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) which includes a team of expert scientist in mathematics, computer science, and analytics, discussing the importance cross-industry partnership necessary to feed a growing population with limited natural resources. Analytics and data science play an important role in agriculture, especially  when farmers are facing situations like climate change, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss, and change in customers taste preference

Innovative science and data-driven techniques helped the Syngenta industry to breed more efficient, better seeds that require limited resources and produce seed which is adaptable to various environments. Syngenta challenge also helped scientists experts to identify the problems faced by the farmers such as unpredictable obstacles during growing a plant.

But this success brought a major challenge, namely increased output and irregular weekly harvest quantities which create logistical and productivity issues and space limitations for storage. After all the company came up with a solution to all these problems.

Therefore the Syngenta seeds and Analytics society of INFORMS together will help to accelerate innovation which will help the farmers to face increasing challenges like changing views of society climatic changes etc. Through these partnerships, Good Growth Plan committed to improve farm productivity, protect the land from degradation, ensure biodiversity, and help rural communities.


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