Tiger Analytics teams up with Microsoft


Tiger Analytics is a leading AI and advanced analytics consulting service headquartered in Chennai. Their founder Mahesh Kumar is an alumnus of both IIT and MIT and their employees include the brightest minds from IIT and NIT. It is no surprise that Microsoft has taken notice of this company and signed them on as a partner.

As part of this deal, Tiger will make use of the Microsoft portfolio of products to build AI solutions for Businesses in the Asia-Pacific. Businesses today aim to create a differentiated customer experience and data being the oil that will fuel this change needs a well-developed ecosystem to function at optimal capacity. Most businesses already use Microsoft ecosystems for various data-related tasks, Tiger plans to augment this experience with their powerful tools and solutions to produce the best possible results that can drive competitive advantage forward.

CEO Mahesh Kumar had this to say about the partnership, “It is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the expertise we possess to the Microsoft client base. Having executed AI and advanced analytics projects of varying complexities and scale for Fortune 1000 clients across industries, the 500+ strong data science and engineering team at Tiger has obtained a significant head start in this space.” He was confident that this partnership will benefit companies across the globe as they try to make progress in the digital world.

Tiger Analytics will now work with the existing frameworks of Microsoft products like Microsoft Azure, PowerBI, Microsoft Security Solutions, Microsoft SQL Server, and several others.

In their early stages, Tiger Analytics found obtaining clients was very difficult and only worked with because of the colorful resume of the bright employees. The company has since performed beautifully when hired by several international companies and part of the reason they were noticed was because of their impeccable reputation built on years of effort.

In an interview in 2017, Mahesh Kumar talked about an early success story where they designed an automated detection for a railroad company based on the existing in-use hardware of sensor systems. The problem was that damaged sensors detected healthy wheels poorly and cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacements (of the wheels). Tiger Analytics designed a solution that analyzed the existing data in order to determine if the sensors were damaged saving the money that went to replacing fully functioning wheels.

Tiger Analytics is one of the leading AI building companies in India and continues to earn success due to their dedication to both clients and employees.


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