Top Data Centers in the World


With today’s changing times, the way we communicate, extract, and relay information has also changed. The demand for real-time data transmission has increased since the advent of high-speed Internet. A data center is a centralized physical repository used by companies to house their critical applications and data. They consist of several technical features such as routers, switches, security devices, storage systems, servers, application delivery controllers, and more A data center can be both confidential or exchanged. The primary purpose of the data center is to assist in e-mail and file sharing, productivity applications, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and database management and support activities related to big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

DuPont Fabros Technology ACC7

It was constructed with a medium voltage electrical distribution system and an isolated parallel uninterrupted power supply topology. With six buildings, 28 computer rooms and a capacity of more than 10, 5 thousand servers, the ACC7 has a commercial area of 450 thousand square feet and produces 41, 6 MW of power. It uses recycled water to cool down.

Tahoe Reno

It will be powered exclusively by renewable energy, making it not only the largest but also the greenest data center in the world.

The International Range Information Group

As with most large-scale projects in China, this data center was built through combined public and private investment and is overseen by IBM.

Center of Technology at Lakeside

Owned by the Digital Realty Trust, this data center was initially built to house the Yellow Book and Sears Catalog printing presses.

Pioneers at the Bahnhof

After the purchase by the Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof, it was completely redesigned in 2007-2008 to become the data center that it is today. Its backup power is controlled by two submarine engines, producing 1.5 MW of power.

Next-generation data

This data center is home to some of the world’s largest companies, including BT, IBM, and global cloud providers. It is also one of the most efficient data centers in the United Kingdom, with low PUEs.

Utah Data Centre

Its purpose is to intercept, decipher, analyze and store vast swaths of world communications as they zip from satellites and zip through underground and underwater cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks.


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