Traffic Analysis goes big with HERE application


Traffic control has become one of the major challenges in urban cities. It is a vital input to infrastructure planning. Traffic monitoring helps in preventing congestions and traffic jams. Most of the modern vehicles come with GPS systems that guide in navigation control, however there is little information available on traffic. It is in its early stages. Nokia was one of the first companies who launched a full-fledged traffic analytics solution HERE.

The HERE application collects information covering billions of traffic points each day across 50 countries. It rephrases the complex data into some meaningful information by making the big data more reliable to provide wide information. In order to gain more insights the Traffic Analytics team archived data from past several years. This huge stream of traffic data serves well in developing new paradigms in system design, system development, and information processing in Intelligent Transportation Systems. The traffic analytics applications also show up population mobility that can help companies to choose areas to set up new branches. It can also provide traffic insights for resolving the impact of traffic incidents to keep the traffic moving as smoothly as possible.

The effective analysis of traffic is a key value adds to working professionals who can change their navigation so as to reach their destination on time for work and meetings. The billboards and advertisement also depends on a great extent on the traffic analysis as it is placed at points that is having more chance of getting traced by the individuals. Footfall is essential for getting the attention of target consumers for any advertising board to make gains. Moreover Traffic analytics transforms the gathered data into format that can help the particular enterprise to develop. Thus Traffic analytics effectively analyze the traffic generated such that enterprises can work up to their maximum. There are many more such applications which can be driven by traffic analysis. Nokia HERE maps are a leader, perhaps that explains why they are being acquired by a group of automobile manufacturers.


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