Trend Micro receives AWS outposts ready designation


Trend Micro which is the leader in cloud security has announced that it is offering hybrid cloud security that has received the AWS outposts ready designation which is part of the Amazon web service ready program. This designation shows that trend micro has demonstrated a successful integration with the AWS outpost deployment.

AWS outposts, which is actually a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure such as AWS services, APIs, and tools for any virtual data center, co-location space, and any on-premises facility. Also, the team used trend micro especially for their hybrid cloud security that benefits from a truly consistent hybrid experience that combines the agility, breadth of the services, and also the pace of the innovation of AWS using seamless security protection within the enterprise infrastructure.

For achieving AWS outposts ready designation by differentiating Trend Micro as an AWS partner network (APN) member by fully tested products on AWS outposts. Joshua Burgin which is the general manager of AWS outposts said that they know the importance of helping customers as well as the organizations by easily identifying potential security risks for taking action.

AWS outposts help in allowing the organizations for keeping their data on-premise which can benefit AWS infrastructure and as well as services. Also, the availability of the trend micro protection for AWS outposts helps in allowing verticals especially for governments, and also for financial services for a secure digital transformation by maintaining data residency requirements. According to the report from the IDC report, that trend micro who is the leader in the software-defined compute (SDC) workload protection which has made 29.5% of the hybrid cloud workload security share in the world and also proving the company’s strength for the security of the hybrid cloud.

Mark Nunnikhoven who is the vice president of cloud research for the trend micro has said that they have proven as the industry leader for cloud workloads and also being the AWS partner since 2012 for making trend micro which is an obvious choice for the companies throughout the journey to the cloud.

AWS has also established the AWS outposts ready program for helping the customers identifying products that are integrated with AWS which spend less time evaluating new tools and also more time scaling the use of products by integrating with AWS outposts deployments.


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