Twitter Notification Tabs adds to Analytics


The demand for analytics service is on in every sphere. As an illustration of new thinking, many of the global service providers especially in the internet world are regularly updating analytics features. At the same time analysing the movements or activities going on in a market place or platform is a tough job. It is true for social networks as well. Facebook always had Facebook Insights and follow this; Twitter also introduced Twitter analytics with the aim of providing a tool that can help in minting more advertising spend on the platform.

As a part of revolutionizing its functions, Twitter is going to explore and experiment with notable tweets and activities in some established users notifications timeliness. This Twitter Notification experiment will ensure to show the most views that will be seen in the user’s notification tab. With an extension to this, there will be a new button that will show the detailed analytics. It may include number of engagements and impressions. On the top of desktop version in Twitter, users will have the facility to see three highlighted activities. It includes popular tweets, Noteworthy Mention and top follow.

Noteworthy Mention is an activity in which the users will get this when they are referred by another user with whom they communicate frequently or a user who has got a larger succeeding than they do. There will be a fresh set will be available as highlights from the previous day whenever the page is been refreshed. This process tends to continues till the depletion of recent highlights. The main reason behind to adopt this changes is considered as Twitter’s goal to show their users the most important information as possible. It also materialize to be the network’s point to get into a new beginning into its design which, for the majority part, has endured attractive standard for recent years. At the same time twitter has not revealed about the availability of these experiments to more users. It also didn’t give any clue that whether this will become a regular feature on twitter.

Let us closely look at this new Twitter Notification attempt made by the twitter to provide relevant data’s to their users and see how much power it provides to improve engagement and advertising.


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