Updated List of Internships in Robotics


We cannot imagine a life without automation. Robotics has the capability of improving the future market through its smart innovations and humanoids. It is now becoming a lucrative and essential part of almost all industries. Robotic Science is a vast area to be studied. Listed below is the updated list of the best robotic internships in May 2021.

Backend Software Developer Intern at Apple

Apple is the most reputed company based on its electronic products, software, and other IT services. Apple is known for its minimalistic designs and user interfaces. They always tend to become the best of the best through their innovations. 

Location: Suzhou, China 

Responsibilities: To the factory systems that assist the work of robots and human alike, the intern should apply skills which are same as web API development. Collaboration with leading members of the team leads the intern to plan and create new features. Application and review codes in Go and Modern SQL which is written by the person is optimized by the intern by running a large number of database to create an index and refracting table structures. Execution of Schema Migration can be done with zero or minimal downtime.

Qualification: The candidate should hold a master’s degree with enough understanding of Python, Rust, Java, or Node. The intern should need an awareness of Computer Science Basics such as Networking, Database, Distributed System, Algorithm Design, etc

Research Intern at Microsoft Autonomous Systems Research Group

LocationRemote (U.S./ Canada)

Responsibilities: It is obligated by the intern to work at the intersection of ML, Robotics, and with a principal focus on Deep neural networks and robotics applications. Adequate research has to be taken place on robot perception, safety as well as sim2real. Focusing on current discoveries and contributions to the profitable life of the robotics community with mentors and other fellow interns in the 12-week internship should be done by the interns.

Qualification: At least one or more years of practical involvement in deep ML or Robotics with the avail of TensorFlow or PyTorch make the candidate fit. The interns 

need to consent to stop over in either the US or Canada for the internship period.

Robotics Intern at Deloitte

Responsibilities: They should have complete knowledge of the designing process of operational modes and flowcharts by collection, analysis, and statistics available for the team. Development and Implementation of AL algorithm with RPA tools by the intern to produce appropriate reports, desks, tables, charts, and slides are necessary.

Qualification: Exceptional performance in computer science or IT, decision-making theory, programming, and analysis with a bachelor’s degree along with the requirement to demonstrate a sharp technical aptitude and analytical mind with a basic proficiency level in different programming language call off for the candidate

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