Velotrade selects Dun and Bradstreet data and analytics tools to Bolster Business growth in the face of COVID-19 crisis

Various market collaboration comes in handy for deciphering problems during the extreme pandemic condition. For instance, Velotrade an online invoice financing service seeks help from Dun and Bradstreet a commercial and analytics service provider to enhance customer finance evaluation and support all new business generation. This would create a rise in momentum for the upcoming global recession that has been initiated by the COVID-19 virus. The impending uncertainty in the business environment could be harmful to independent marketing establishments if they cannot upgrade their online competence. Because of the outrageous breaking of supply chains, financial health of many organisations could turn fatal. Dun and Analytics tools could make this from less destructive. This is how Dun and Bradstreet offer a helping hand for Velotrade and vice-versa. Cloud-based access and data trade network which extends about 10,000 companies across two different industries. This enables the company to decide the possible credit limit lending terms and further paying its bills. Furthermore, proper business insight comprehensive interfaces and powerful segmentation tools can be accessed through these collaborations. D&B Hoovers further initiate strategic approaches to revenue growth by providing a more comprehensive individual prospects review of the almost impossible business trips and meetings, the already analyzed data comes in use. The commercial data storage helps in decision- making and improve performance. Sam Tidswell- Norrish, Head of Marketing and Communications in D&B says that Velotrade would be appropriate to deliver commercial data and analytics for better risk and compliance management. D&B was introduced to Velotrade through Cyber port. Cyber port boosts about 1500 IT companies that include Velotrade. Cyber port helps to identify how data and analytics would enhance growth against a COVID hit economy. The employees face many challenges during this extreme pandemic environment and these relationships can offer a helping hand for all adversities.


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