VisiQuate Release new HealthMobile.D™, the lifelong care ecosystem


In America, 34.2 million people have diabetes along with 88 million people are who are pre-diabetic. The data has been collected over time but a lack of normalized data has been felt for a long time. The normalized data could bring out insights to all of the people involved in the process of this prevalent condition like medical device makers, health plans, caregivers, and the patients themselves. VisiQuate, Inc. is trying to fill this gap with a solution, new HealthMobile.D™.

It makes the data generated by and for chronic care patients more valuable to all parties involved and helps in better management of diabetes. Ascensia Diabetes Care has announced its partnership with VisiQuate this week for applying HealthMobile.D to its digital diabetes management program.

Anthony Comfort, PMP, CSM, VP, Product Management, said, “The chronic condition community generates large volumes of data signals, which have expanded with the introduction of wearables like smart bands. With HealthMobile.D, we have created an ingestion engine that takes in all this information, processes it, then gives the output it out to the different parties involved, in different forms as they need it.”

“Healthcare isn’t confined to office discussions between the patient and healthcare provider anymore,” said Melissa Miller, Lead Consultant at VisiQuate. “With HealthMobile.D, we can manage it in real-time.” When a provider sees a patient with an early signal of unhealthy-ness in an individual, they can reach out to healthcare providers immediately through the platform. But supporting a concierge relationship between providers and patients is just one of the functions of HealthMobile.D.  Health Plans need entirely different insights from the data, and HealthMobile.D offers that as well. With the insights provided for the plan, users can see which programs are best fit for them. It could be based on the level of engagement it is creating, evaluate adherence to it, and see the current and trended member outcomes to understand better.

According to Rich Waller, VisiQuate Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, the platform and services are built to drive digital transformation in the healthcare sector, and with the integration of AI-based digital health assistance- ANA, and the healthcare solution HealthMobile.D, VisiQuate plans to take this transformation to next level. He further shared his excitement and honor of partnering with industry thought leader- Ascensia Diabetes Care in this critical area of healthcare service.

One can start taking all the benefits of the HealthMobile.D solution almost immediately. This highly extensible solution can see further application in other chronic conditions like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


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