Waymo’s self-driving cars become a trendsetter in Transportation Post COVID-19


Currently, countries all over the world started responding through lockdowns, avoiding direct contacts to survive the COVID-19, ensure safety and security, and not to become the victims of coronavirus. During this time the companies migrated to adopt technology solutions like artificial intelligence to combat the virus.

Self-driving cars have the ability to sense their environment and operating without human intervention. It is driverless transportation, no human control or presence is required in the vehicle. The goal of the self-driving cars is to be able to operate a car like a human driver. One of the biggest challenges faced in self-driving or autonomous vehicle industry is to assure the passengers that the car they travel is virus-free

Waymo is a self-driving car company that was forced to put its limited ride service to ensure human backup drivers and passengers were safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Waymo has been running the service with selected riders sometimes even without human backup drivers. They are now focused on putting technologies in place to clean vehicles between rides.

Self-driving vehicles are significantly contributing to easing the burden of COVID-19 by facilitating the transporting of necessary medical supplies and food to health-care professionals.

The Arizona vehicles deliver school supplies, protective types of equipment, and food for nonprofits.

In China, new opportunities and new intelligent solutions in the autonomous driving industry were gaping during the pandemic. With the gradual increase in restrictions due to the spread of virus increased demands for driverless deliveries and heavily depended on autonomous driving technologies.

With the gradual increase in the spread of the virus, all the sectors of China prolong to use AI, big data capabilities, and robot services to avoid and control the pandemic COVID-19.

Waymo stated that before the pandemic, it was running 1000 to 2000 rides per week. The company faced issues in self-driving vehicles in unpleasant weather. Artificial intelligence is proving its abilities significantly during the pandemic coronavirus. The multiple lasers, radar, and camera sensors are connected to Artificial intelligence. Waymo made heavy investments in technology to keep the sensors clean.

Artificial intelligence provides solutions to companies to ensure sustainability during crisis time.


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