Why Cloud Analytics is the next trend in automation?


Technology has drastically changed businesses across the globe to move towards automation. Now, Cloud analytics and remote monitoring technologies are considered the next trends in automation. Both when combined offer an extensive window into the company’s automation equipment where cloud analytics helps businesses to build customized dashboards to view the production plan and remote monitoring gives valuable insights about the assets and system health, thereby helping in reviving the critical files and provide with disaster recovery plans.

Cloud analytics, a vital component for business continuity focuses on the application of the analytical algorithms and is one of the most demanded technology to identify valuable insights from the data to get useful information. With the huge volume of data getting generated day by day, businesses are keenly focussed on this to gain a competitive edge in the market place as well as to improve their business parameters. The data stored in the cloud is pulled from the interconnected IoT devices, thus proving itself as an indispensable tool in analytics. Thus leveraging cloud analytics help organizations to closely monitor their speed of automation even from a distant location to make data-driven choices. Organizations find cloud analytics interesting as automation adapted into the cloud is easier to use as it does not require physical hardware maintenance and can be remotely controlled. Also, businesses can use these services according to their requirements and this promotes pay per use approach and drives away the need for managing capital infrastructure for storing data. Cloud Analytics finds its application across various industries:

  • Healthcare: Cloud Analytics helps health professionals to identify disease patterns and genetic data to understand the occurrence of genetic diseases and propose a prescriptive cure.
  • Marketing: It recognizes speech patterns, images for providing a customized experience and enable prompt query resolution.
  • Product development: It studies the customer buying behavior to improve product developments and grow delivery channels to ensure product availability.

The pandemic has made businesses understand the importance of cloud analytics and organizations are evaluating its investments in cloud analytics and remote monitoring technologies. Thus Cloud analytics and remote monitoring are to provide compelling and innovative automation offerings to modern businesses.


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