Why Take Up Coding As a Skillset?


Technology has been developing noticeably as per the current rapidly increasing scenario of the world. Coding is penetrating our lives little by little with mankind being more tech-friendly as well as digitally advanced. This art applies to everyone eager towards internalizing something unlike others; it is not just confined to those who want to chase their career in this area.

Coding is a process that circles the axis of one’s brain and desires an environment of digitization that is comfortable for its start. Life-enhancing talents such as creativity, communication, and confidence, have been strengthened by learning to code with the support of the art of writing and mathematics. Marc Andreessen, a Venture capitalist said that Software is eating the world. However, it is more exact to say that the software is digesting the world. This is because somehow we are always surrounded by codes, even though they are invisible in our ordinary lives. Now, let us see why coding is a skill that must be learned.

Coding is an entrepreneurial skill and not a mere process. It leads to idea development, develops creative as well as an analytical thinking process. In this improved reality of the world, everything is digitally and virtually powered. Everyone is so much into technology and coding brings innovation to life. The best time to introduce coding is childhood because the grabbing and learning power is at its peak. However, with a passion, anyone can learn this anytime in their life. Children can focus and learn in the same way other foundation subjects are learned if coding is introduced early in their learning. This may bring out the tech streak in children.

It can also create a way for job seekers; it’s like an open gateway for employment. It allows learners with creating a mind full of ideas and innovations. This will trigger one to start something new and give jobs to those who deserve it. Coding encourages critical thinking; it trains to break down a problem into several smaller problems and aids to find solutions. This means to analyze different situations to connect the dots ultimately.

When compared with the past, from learning patterns to the current regular syllabus of schools, Coding’s involvement in daily lives has made it more significant and effective. Since digitalization and virtualization is the present, coding is the future. In the future, even a single activity won’t be achievable without coding.


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