Why the importance of Data Analytics in Smart Buildings could rise amid COVID-19 in future?


“The analytics of the data coming from smart building devices will help give in-depth insights about the occupancy, space utilization and trends in the interaction between the occupants, which could be key in combating the pandemic.”

Internet of Things (IoTs) has started conquering our world in every aspect, be it in home and office, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, so on and so forth. As of 2020, more than 40 billion devices are connected to the internet and it is estimated that every second 125 new IoT devices are being connected to the internet. With such kind of pace that we are getting our lives connected to the internet it will not far ahead in time that we will start living in a smart society.

Smart Buildings are becoming more popular

Smart Buildings are energy efficient, maximizes space utilization, and improves operational efficiency, therefore, more and more companies and corporation around the world are investing on smart buildings. Smart building providers and IoT devices manufacturers for smart buildings are becoming more in demand. Some of the players in the field of smart buildings are:

  1. Hitachi

Hitachi is a Japanese conglomerate, who is now getting more popular with IoTs and their IoT platforms are based on a technology called Lumada.

  • IBM

IBM had come up with a campaign called ‘Smarter Planet’. IBM’s ‘Watson’ an artificial intelligence and data analysis software is being used for smart buildings projects.

  • Honeywell

Honeywell is also a smart building provider with more than 10 million smart buildings worldwide.

 Data Analytics is key to the efficient running of Smart Buildings

Huge chunks of data are produced by devices in smart buildings. The analytics of the data will help give in-depth insights about the occupancy, space utilization and trends in the interaction between occupants. Yanzi Networks, a Swedish smart building provider had announced the launch of data analytics software called Yanzi Insights. The software is said to provide automated optimization guidance and will help in monitoring people’s productivity and indoor environmental factors.

Getting insights on occupants’ interaction will be helpful in the time of the pandemic.

The restrictions such as social distancing is expected to continue for some longer time. Therefore, it is important to analyze how occupants interact with themselves and with the internal environment. The insights got from the analytics of the data will be important in making decisions and controlling the internal environment complying with the restrictions made due to Covid-19.


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