How AI will become a part of Armed force


When the idea of autonomous military technology is been put forward to people, they always tend to think about terminator and how they will rise to take over all of mankind.

But in reality, the truth is very far away from fiction. Artificial Intelligence won’t be able to take over military technology and bring about Armageddon as we know it.

Artificial Intelligence in predictive maintenance

In the military equipment failure is a common occurrence. Sometimes it’s just a minor inconvenience and sometimes it’ll be fatal. If the said equipment failure happens during the war the results will be disastrous. So in order to prevent that from happening artificial intelligence can be used to predict when particular equipment has the chance of undergoing equipment failure and help in the maintenance of the machinery. This not only helps in reducing the cost incurred if the equipment goes through equipment failure but also helps in extending the life of the machinery.

Artificial Intelligence in Battlefield Prediction

The use of artificial intelligence in battlefield predictions is an area where extensive time and research has been poured into. Artificial intelligence uses the data that is being collected from a wide array of sensors on the battlefield and is analyzed. This is done so as to understand the level of threat that is posed by each target. Once the data that has been processed is fed into the central server the information can be used to direct troops towards the targets that require the most attention. Also, artificial intelligence can be used to make instantaneous decisions in the event the chain of command collapses.

Autonomous Vehicles

The use of autonomous vehicles by the military is also another way artificial intelligence can be integrated into the military system. This technology can be used for bomb detection and disposal units, aerial surveillance, and equipment transport through the enemy area. Also, autonomous vehicles can be used to reach troops who are trapped deep within the enemy’s territory.


Even though artificial intelligence today is not able to handle such functions for the military, research is being done to develop one. In conclusion, we don’t have to be afraid of machines rising over to overthrow us, At least not yet.


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