Will RPA and IPA be the face of digital transformation?


The pandemic hit our lives like a storm. Everything around us shutting down out of fear. Industries especially took the major hit. Unable to function regularly as they used to, most of them are getting temporarily stopped. However, they haven’t completely abandoned their business as it is. Digital transformation has enabled humans to carry out their daily life work routine on the internet. Automation and machine labor has always been accused of being job taker but at this point in time, it has become job saver by reducing the burden from humans’ shoulders and work side-by-side.

Before the pandemic people had made certain decisions, like booked tickets to fly for vacation or business purposes. The travel industry has been under huge losses due to the virus outbreak. The number of people withdrawn from traveling and demanding refunds increased tremendously as days went on. Complaints and petitions were to be attended. However, all these jobs could not be handled by humans alone. The stress and strain might lead human labor to take unintentional decisions that can make matters worse.

Technology powered machines have come into existence for a really long time and its importance can be seen during these tough times. The travel industry is able to delegate its work to intelligent machines that are being fed commands to respond to complaints as friendly and humanly as possible. RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technological innovation that was built around the capabilities of software robots. It can undertake the digital workforce focusing on quick and effective automation of manual tasks and optimize it. RPA is a versatile tool that can efficiently carry out quick, repetitive actions that don’t require a lot of contextual analysis or contingencies, although they can accommodate and perform the actions detailed in such contingencies if provided with the correct information and rule sets. On the other hand, IPA or Intelligent Process Automation is a system more advanced than RPA. IPA carries out intelligent functions similar to RPA but non-repetitive activities. IPA more or less can carry out humanitarian work. Once information is fed into it, it can understand and generate decisions and also grow its intelligence using these commands for providing effective results. It uses advanced data management and analysis tools to extract useful, structured data from formerly inaccessible (or at least difficult to access) sources.

Technological improvements such as RPA and IPA can help industries shoulder-by-shoulder to make improvements in its working and become a friendly hand for its employees.


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