Wobot.ai uses AI to offer new cutting edge solutions


Wobot.ai is a Delhi based startup which offers cutting solutions to help the users to monitor business operation. Nowadays most places you visit are monitored by a CCTV camera, may it be your workplace, shopping centers, industries, or factories. A big room will also be monitored by e more than one camera. There will be a vast amount of data that will be created by this process. The data mostly generated using this is of no use and most of the time without any added leverage. Achieving accuracy using this type of monitoring methods will also be very difficult.

In order to bring a solution to this problem this Delhi based startup has launched a ‘smarter video analytics’ solution which with the help of artificial intelligence can bring more productive and automated monitoring. These solutions can be helpful and implemented in industries like retail, hospitality, manufacturing, etc. With the increasing security and safety issues, the number of CCTV cameras will be increasing very high in the coming years. The new companies could use the ‘smarter video’ analytics solution to make maximum use of video analytics to get a better result in the future. The upcoming 5G network will not only change the mobile networks but also but can bring an impact on the video surveillance segment.

Adit Chhabra the Co-founder and CEO of talking about this said that the secret of this company’s success is that it has trained an ample amount of data from synthetic, augmented, and feed on CCTV’s. New models are trained by building an in house pipeline. At a particular time focus will be given to one industry and the use cases from within that industry. With the use of Activity and Object recognition, ‘use cases’ notifications could be sent to relevant stakeholders through dashboards or emails.

Wobot has also carried out various similar projects. In 2018 in a partnership with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism they used artificial intelligence to monitor the food production process across several base kitchens. They have also worked with companies like Kitopi, CureFit, Rebel Foods, Travel Food Services, Blue Tokai, and Apparel group.


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